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Crisis Intervention Training

November 05, 2021
Elise Schaffer, PIO, (608) 284-6142
Sheriff's Office

Today’s jails and prisons have oftentimes become substitute facilities for people with mental illness. 

In an effort to provide our deputies and inmates with the safest environment possible, the Dane County Sheriff’s Office is collaborating with NAMI Wisconsin, NAMI Dane County, and Wellpath, to conduct a 40-hour training course on crisis intervention.  The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training for Corrections began on Monday and concludes today. The class consists of 18 Dane County deputies.

The purpose of CIT Training for Corrections is to allow officers working in corrections to better understand mental illnesses, current medications & treatments, substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, and intellectual disabilities - to include autism, medical conditions related to mental illnesses, and legal issues. This training provides participants the opportunity to speak with community members living with mental illness and/or their family members in a training environment.  Participants will also be able to go on a site visit and speak directly with clients currently utilizing community services. Additionally, participants will receive training in assessment, crisis intervention, and de-escalation techniques through classroom and role-play scenarios.

With the completion of this class, the Sheriff’s Office will have trained 101 deputies in Crisis Intervention.