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Parisi Calls for Continued Testing at the Alliant Energy Center

July 30, 2020
Scott Adrian, 608-266-2444
County Executive

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi issued the following statement regarding continued efforts to extend community Covid-19 testing at the Alliant Energy Center past next week:


“The community site at the Alliant Energy Center (AEC) has proven to be incredibly effective at identifying and then isolating and tracking active cases of Covid-19 in our region. The testing site is made possible through federal dollars and staffing by the Wisconsin National Guard. As of now, that funding and support is only committed through next Friday, August 7th.

I'm deeply concerned unless the state and federal governments act decisively and quickly, testing at the Alliant Energy Center will start winding down next week. This occurring at the same time Wisconsin is adding between 800 and 1000 new cases a day would dramatically hamper efforts to slow the spread of Covid-19. It's critical communities like ours are allowed to continue mass testing; especially as schools and universities look to begin to re-open.

Given the continued prevalence of Covid-19, it's imperative funding and support continue so testing is readily available at the Alliant Energy Center.”

Parisi today also renewed his request for a state order on masks:

“Since implementing a mask order and limiting activity at bars, we have seen a decline in the number of new daily positive cases here in Dane County. Cases across Wisconsin continue to increase, including in our neighboring counties. We have to come together – like our neighboring states of Minnesota, Michigan, and Illinois and do what’s necessary and proven effective at slowing this virus until a safe vaccine is available.”