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Airport Being Proactive in Regards to Coronavirus, Flu, and Other Respiratory Viruses

February 07, 2020
Brent S. Kyzer-McHenry, 608-661-6442

MADISON, WI – The Dane County Regional Airport (DCRA) is committed to providing a safe outlet for air travel to the people of Dane County and south central Wisconsin. During Flu season, DCRA increases the amount of sanitization that takes place throughout the terminal. This includes the thorough disinfecting of all seating, door handles, restrooms, escalator rails, and any other surfaces people touch.

Even though we believe our current sanitization practices are very effective in helping stop the spread of the illness, we have increased the frequency of our sanitization processes. We are working closely with local and national partners to monitor and respond to the situation. Any inquiries on the Coronavirus should be directed to Public Health of Madison and Dane County. You can find updated information by monitoring their website and twitter page.