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“Party for the Planet” Taking Place This Saturday at Dane County’s Henry Vilas Zoo

May 02, 2019
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County Executive

Marks Baby Penguins’ First Weekend Debut to the Public

The Dane County Henry Vilas Zoo is hosting "Party for the Planet" this Saturday, May 4 to commemorate the zoo’s conservation work. Visitors will be able to learn more about polar bears and other important species, make a pledge to take conservation action, as well as contribute in other ways. There will also be a solar presentation by Madison Gas and Electric, electric vehicles, and Earth-friendly educational displays designed to call attention to steps everyone can take to reduce carbon emissions and improve the health of the planet. The celebration is free to the public and fun for all ages.

"We are excited to have our visitors share in celebrating our planet’s amazing and diverse wildlife as part of a worldwide effort to make a positive difference in the world," said Jess Thompson, Conservation Education Curator at the Henry Vilas Zoo.

In addition to this day of fun, the zoo’s baby penguins, known as Robben and Dassen, will make their first weekend debut to the public. Penguin chicks hatch with a soft fluffy down feather coat, which provides little protection from the elements and cold water. Robben and Dassen have since grown waterproof coats and have taken swim lessons to test out their new feathers. They met their colony members earlier this week and are eager to learn what the Henry Vilas Zoo’s "Party for the Planet" celebration on May 4 is all about.

A full list of "Party for the Planet" events and activities is featured below:

9:45AM Lion Enrichment (at the Lion Exhibit)

10AM Primate House Party (in the Primate Building)

10AM to 2PM MG&E Electric Vehicle and Solar Tent (near the Main Tent)

10AM to 3PM Conservation Education Table (near the Education Pavilion)
Thumbprint Pledge (near the Education Pavilion)
Chalk Animal Creation (outside the Animal Health Center)
Girl Scouts: Wildflower Seed Ball Craft (near the Main Tent)

11AM Polar Bear Training and Keeper Chat (between the Grizzly and Polar Bear Exhibits)

12PM to 3PM Aviary Window Painting (in the Tropical Aviary) Sensory Bins and Craft (in the Animal Health Center)

12:30PM Tiger Training and Keeper Chat (at the Tiger Exhibit)

1:30PM North American Porcupine Enrichment (at the North American Porcupine Exhibit)

2:15PM Seal Training and Keeper Chat (at the Harbor Seal Exhibit)