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2020 County Budget Initiatives: Alliant Energy Center, Dane County Regional Airport, Henry Vilas Zoo

Alliant Energy Center

County Executive Parisi is including $800,000 to renovate the locker room (backstage) areas of the Coliseum. This was one of the top facility improvement recommendations from the same Markin Consulting study that accurately forecasted capital investments in rigging, restrooms, and other accommodations would bolster concert bookings.

From agriculture to bio-tech to music acts, the Alliant Energy Center campus is already one of the more diverse entertainment venues around. This budget adds $25,000 in event promotion and assistance for the Greater Madison Convention and Visitors Bureau to bring culturally and racially diverse organizations and their events to the Alliant Energy Center campus. This can allow Dane County to pursue events like the National NAACP Conference and other dialogues well suited for the grounds.

Dane County Airport

Dane County Regional Airport

The airport's exponential growth has heightened the need to make sure its beautiful terminal facility can meet the needs of more travelers. The 2020 budget includes $60 million for a bold modernization project that will expand the terminal and add jet bridges, allowing boarding for more flights to happen concurrently. This over $100 million expansion of our airport reflects Dane County’s ongoing commitment to having a world class airport that meets the needs of travelers and airlines with state of the art accommodations.

The Dane County Regional Airport is the gateway to our region's economic vitality. Its new parking ramp constructed just a few years ago is approaching capacity more frequently. The county built it in 2013 with the future in mind and primed for expansion. County Executive Parisi’s budget includes the dollars needed for the design and engineer work to add onto the ramp in the coming years.

Red Panda

Henry Vilas Zoo

County Executive Parisi’ 2020 budget has the staffing necessary to make the Henry Vilas Zoo even more accessible, allowing it to stay open during those warm summer nights between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This will allow moms and dads to get home from work, grab the little ones, and head out for fun, educational evenings at the zoo. Having a free zoo, open and accessible to all is an issue of equity – family entertainment for all regardless of means.